Le Tableau

Le TableauLe Tableau (The Painting) is a French animated film directed by Jean-François Laguionie. I recently had the opportunity to watch it (with flawed subtitles) on Netflix.

The story is well beyond the apparent intellectual capacity of American animation, dealing with topics well beyond the Happily Ever After realm. The Painter (God) has left an unfinished creation, filled with contentious factions: The Allduns who see themselves as The Painter’s favorites because he finished painting them before disappearing from their universe; the Halfies, those nearly completed figures who aren’t good enough to live in the castle; and the Sketchies, a sad little group of colorless, vaguely formed creatures whom the Allduns feel The Painter should have erased rather than leave them to spoil the garden.

The forbidden love affair between Ramo, an Alldun, and Claire, a Halfie, is the catalyst for a journey to find The Painter. The story isn’t nearly as interesting as the painterly images – colors and forms that are engaging and surreal.

The Grand Chandelier and Ramo

The Grand Chandelier and Ramo

Florence and Lola

Florence and Lola

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