Monthly Archives: August 2011

While sitting in some waiting room or other, I tore this wonderful portrait of Robert Plant from an issue of Rolling Stone Magazine. The article, a review of his album Band of Joy, was interesting, but the illustration was stunning. Not possessing such talent myself, stealing this tiny snippet of someone else’s offers me some bit of vicarious joy.

"Robert Plant" by Jody Hewgill

"Robert Plant" by Jody Hewgill

The artist: Jody Hewgill. I checked out her site and was impressed with much of her art, although this one is still my favorite. According to her online biography, Ms. Hewgill is a native of Monrtéal, Canada. She studied commercial art and has been painting and illustrating since 1988. She currently teaches the illustration graduate program at the Ontario College of Art and Design (lucky students!).

Her style reminds me a bit of the works of art deco painter, Tamara de Lempicka (1898-1980) and the vibrant posters popular during the 1930s. However, Ms. Hewgill’s paintings are more varied and insightful. Her portraits of Morrisey (Sping Magazine), David Bowie (Rolling Stone Magazine), and Kirsten Dunst (Los Angeles Magazine) are especially lovely.

I highly recommend going to her site and looking through her wonderful portfolio of portraits, posters, and other works.